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How to call for a taxi in Riga? You did not happen to be here, it was in this very place amid the sea of the Internet that you came to us with waves, so click on the link and get yourself a taxi! On our calculator you quickly calculate the price for the trip and get rid of a taxi to meet your fate... :)

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Our ancient city is famous for narrow streets of old Riga, unique architecture of different eras and directions, cozy restaurants and modern nightclubs. How can you manage to inspect and visit everything, and also during and comfortably get to a business meeting, at the airport or hotel. If you want to make your stay in Riga unforgettable and pleasant, then we are on your way. To enjoy this atmosphere in full just fill in the form and go .

It is important for us that our client feels comfortable and confident, be it a taxi order, landing or the trip itself. The positive attitude of our dispatchers and drivers will create all conditions for you to love our city, to find out the cordiality of Riga residents and to be inspired by respect for the history of the capital of Latvia. Will allow you to reach your destination most comfortably and quickly. All cars are equipped with air conditioning and safety systems.

We are pleased to welcome you!

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  • Taxi Alarm Clock

    You can order a taxi for a certain time and ask the dispatcher to wake you up for an hour, half an hour, etc. Until car arrives. With us you will never sleep and not be late!
  • Hospitable taxi

    You can order through the dispatcher to the machine to meet your guest. To do this, it is necessary to inform the guest arrival time in Riga, on what transport he arrives (plane, bus, train), as well as his name. Leave the rest to us! Your guest will be greeted by a driver with a sign on which his name will be written.
  • Caring taxi

    Riga is a hospitable city, and Riga residents are welcome guests, and therefore it may happen that after a fun meal you will have to get home our taxi will take care of you and your car.

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Taxis are always ready to take you to any destination, for example transfers, in Latvia, the European Union, Batic States: Riga - Kauguri, Riga – Krimulda, Riga – Skriveri, Riga – Liepaja and others; Riga – Kaunas, Riga – Tartu, Riga – Paris.